Red Knights Int. Firefighters MC 


The Club

The Red Knights International Firefighters Motorcycle Club (RKMC) is a motorcycle club for motorcycle-riding firefighters and their families. It is the largest firefighter motorcycle club in the world.

The beginning

The motorcycle club was founded in USA in 1982. In the summer of 1982, several firefighters met and discussed the fact that law enforcement had formed their own motorcycle club, but there was none for firefighters. In the course of the discussion, business owner Randy Wilson told Ed Wright to stop talking about it and start a motorcycle club instead.



We have already experienced numerous adventures with our members, explored many places together and captured them with photos and videos.

 Our Members

All our members are wholeheartedly behind the club.

At our club evenings we talk, laugh and celebrate a lot. We also organise regular meetings, rides and charity events.

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